Rates and Estimates

The estimatemeans your final price will be based on the actual amount of hours and materials used on the job.

Please understand that sometimes, for many different reasons, it is difficult to estimate exactly the number of hours needed to accomplish a move. We have to to make many assumptions in making an estimate, such as:

  • You will be perfectly packed (assuming we are not packing for you)
  • The elevator will be available on moving day
  • A parking space will be available in front of the building
  • Traffic will not be heavier than usual
  • The scope of the work will not change on the day of the move


  • 1 ton truck w/ 2 movers = $75 per hour plus travel
  • 3 ton truck w/ 2 movers = $79 per hour plus travel
  • 5 ton truck w/ 2 movers = $85 per hour plus travel
  • 5 ton truck w/ 3 movers = $99 per hour plus travel
  • 7 ton truck w/ 2 movers = $105 per hour plus travel
  • Additional movers are $25 each per hour.


Charges are $150 per Piano move

Note :Minimum 3 hours call plus travel time

Please note that travel time is billed at the hourly rate. Normally this begins when truck leaves the warehouse and ends when the trucks returns to the warehouse BUT we charge only for one side of travel which varies city to city and from half hour to two hours (upto Chilliwack).

We provide our own moving trucks, furniture pads, moving equipment, tools, and straps to safely transport your belongings. If you would like to provide the truck, we can just show up and help with loading and unloading. We are very good at packing trucks efficiently and securing the load for transport. In addition, we are very capable of maneuvering heavy items through tight spaces without nicking walls, corners, and banisters, protecting the item as well as the home. We own a fleet of moving trucks available to assist with your move.

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